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backyard lawn and garden plants including mushrooms in forestry and urban natural areas

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Published by Carolyn Allen, editor of
Solutions For Green We also publish California Green Solutions and a series of blogs about solutions.

california native plants are poppies for wildflowers and native plant ecosystem
organic foods, organic landscaping, organic farming and organic products for babies, kids and adults.

Restore Nature in Your Home & Community!

"A flower touches everyone's heart." — Georgia O'Keefe
waterlily landscaping wetland plants

New articles with Practical Ideas for Backyard Success!

Quality of Life:
The most important questions facing plant science research
The growing human population needs abundant safe and nutritious food, shelter, clothes, fibre, and renewable energy, and needs to address the problems generated by climate change, while preserving habitats. [more]
Imprelis herbicide suspected of killing spruce, pines and other trees
DuPont continues to sell Imprelis, which is registered for use in all states except California and New York. [more]
Urban Agriculture & Backard Farming:
Honey Bee Health Initiative for Best Management Practices
Best management practices for beekeeping provides agricultural productivity and is now easier to identify with a national bee keeping database. [more]
Quality of Life:
Read Nature vs. Fake Nature ... Will Technology Improve the Experience?
As our environment degrades and technology improves, can technological versions of nature become suitable replacements? [more]
Pets and Wildlife:
Beekeeping Class in Rancho Cordova CA
Fishback continues his outreach programs “to encourage interest in honey bees and to share the importance of the honey bee to our environment and our food supply.” [more]
Pets and Wildlife:
Species Extinction Warnings Are Improving with the SAFE Index
A new index has been developed to help conservationists better understand how close species are to extinction. [more]

B A C K Y A R D N A T U R E . C O M
Options for healthful living with organic foods, organic landscaping, organic farming and organic products for babies, kids and adults.
Published by Carolyn Allen, editor of blogs about green business and more sustainable lifestyles.

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