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An Inconvenient Truth

Rating: PG
In Theatres: May 24th, 2006

At Apple
Downloads and background information from the movie's website:
Al Gore’s New Global Warming Movie “An Inconvenient Truth”

"Al Gore’s critically-acclaimed new film “An Inconvenient Truth” offers the best opportunity we’ve ever had to capture the immediate attention of all Americans and move this country forward quickly to stop global warming. While the problem is urgent, the solutions are clear, and with American ingenuity and leadership, we can avert disaster and restore the world’s confidence in our values. Let’s work together to make this movie a success, and turn the audience interest into action." Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

I saw "The Inconvenient Truth" today and was very impressed with the uplifting message Al Gore shared with his country...and his world. He gives facts, shows with photography and charts how we've got a problem right here in Dodge City! And he talks about how we can do something about the consequences of our recent behavior. Population escalation is a problem. Fossil fuel consumption is a problem that is escalating. And personal will to do something is the third problem that is bearing consequences.

This documentary about the climate crisis is a wonderful film to share with family, friends, coworkers, members of your church or other caring community. Make it a "family and friends" night of thoughtful exploration and sharing. Supporting one another in making CHANGE is the best think we can do to make both short and long term improvements for the health of our community, our world.

Other ways you can help

  • Email your friends and family to pre-purchase tickets for opening weekend.
  • Tell your coworkers, book clubs, teachers, classmates, dinner party guests, neighbors, church groups, relatives…shout it from the rooftops!
  • Organize a group to go (Call the Paramount Group Sales office at 323-956-8896).
  • Sponsor your office or company to see the film
  • Sponsor a school, sponsor a science class, sponsor a youth club.
  • Take someone who you don't think would be interested in going.
  • Host post-viewing "Take Action" parties.
  • Blog about the movie in advance, and after you’ve seen it with your reactions.
  • Have your own website? Are you on MySpace? Post Online banners, icons, and other info about the movie.
  • Ask your local theater to show “An Inconvenient Truth” if they aren’t planning to already.

Review your personal carbon dioxide load on the earth at 10 Things to Do! and take a couple steps toward a saner way of life. You'll not only help the planet, but bring some peace and time to your own life...and family.

UPdate - October 2006

An Inconvenient Truth has screened on almost 600 screens, and not simply in cities like New York or Chicago, but all across the country. In its second week of release in Greenville, NC, An Inconvenient Truth "was averaging a strong $7,300 in ticket sales per screen." It has become the third highest grossing documentary in movie-making history, taking in more than $23 million.

Those who are on the frontlines of the movement to save the world from environmental devastation have seen the effects of the film on their work. Scott T. Paul, Campaigns Manager at Citizens for Global Solutions, explains that An Inconvenient Truth has contributed to a rapid shift in the way citizens are engaging in the global warming debate.

The film's power comes from its ability to serve as a catalyst for conversation among new audiences. Traditionally, scientists are not the best communicators, and because global warming is such a huge issue, environmentalists are often written off as alarmist. Gore solved this vital messenger problem.

Both Shirberg and Paul also point out that the release of the film is only a first step, albeit a significant one. Shirberg observes Gore "did a fantastic job of presenting a problem that is global in scope and devastating in nature. However, the solutions he presented were on a scale that did not match the magnitude of the problem.

The film's outreach campaign and website strive to push viewers to fight global warming. In addition to comprehensive Take Action and Downloads sections on the film's website, the film has partnered with the Global Warming Virtual March, a grassroots campaign to pressure government and corporations to change environmental policies.

Gore has been a public figure since 1992 and has given his presentation for years, and environmental tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina brought the effects of global warming in stark relief. However, it was the merging of these elements -- film, social-consciousness and an awareness of the zeitgeist -- that created this phenomenon.