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"Every child should have mud pies, grasshoppers, waterbugs, tadpoles, frogs & turtles, elderberries, wild strawberries, acorns, hickory nuts, trees to climb, animals to pet, hayfields, pine cones, rocks to roll, sand, snakes, huckleberries and hornets – and any child who has been deprived of these has been deprived of the best part of his education." -Luther Burbank 1849 - 1926
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Backyard Blessings: Negative and positive of life

This quote stood out in a Web site I was exploring today, "Find out why God allows sin, sickness and suffering in the world."

I've always puzzled why we focus so much on such negativities.

And I do it, too.

There are endless justifications, reasonings, blame, and research on these "problems" of life.

And that puzzles me.

It seems so simple to me that we could be saying...

"Find out why God allows beauty, joy and love in the world."

And if we fill our daily path with celebration of God's creativity and steadfast nurturing, wouldn't some of that sin, sickness and suffering just evaporate like a puff of smoke? We would no longer see our bodies as imperfect...our families as dysfunctional...our communities as rusting.

We would see LIFE!
Dawn! Birth! Love! Peace! Wonder...

The incredible complexity and awesome power and delight of experiencing the process God put into our heart and mind and soul and smiles.

So when we see a hawk attack a songbird...instead of thinking about the predatory cycle...we can expand our understanding to think of the encounter as the dance of God's atoms as they mingle in everyday, glorious, living color that provides living with challenges, creative expression, and the opportunity to give our life to others -- just as Christ gave his life to us.

Atom circling atom...built into the complexities of life...

Celebrating the power that God embeds in each and every atom to unite with neighborhing atoms...and manifest that ever-changing union in the amazing diversity we see around us.

We see what we choose to see.
Just think about how much of nature we

And think about how BIG God must be to have created alllllll this from just ... thoughts.

There was no matter laying around before there was anything...

There was no recipe book of creation before anything was created...

There was a vast potential...that we know by name... "I am"

We are the atoms of this potential's thoughts...

Bumping into one another, merging,

experiencing the pathway at our feet...
the air filling our lungs...
the clouds whispering to us from above...
and the experience of each day's
and "known"

So what is it we want to pursue in our search for the "known":

Why God created life's beauty...?
or why we must give and receive in challenging ways?

We are a masterpiece of the master...
a living celebration of his thoughts

...a riot of color
...a touch of love
...a whisper to the winds of yesterday and tomorrow

We are all God's children created in his thoughts
before there was a recipe for love! :-)

We live because he loves us into being!

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